How COVID-19 is Affecting Commodity Markets
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February 21, 2020
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How COVID-19 is Affecting Commodity Markets

On January 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the new coronavirus as a pandemic. With millions of Chinese citizens in “self-isolation”, manufacturing, trade, and travel have already been affected and markets of standard aluminum profiles are suffering too. How serious could the impact on the stock market in general be and how does this affect you and the future of your business? Here is the answer:
• The stock market has responded to the novel coronavirus with worrying volatility, as members have panic-sold due to fear.
• As a result of the turmoil, the market-wide circuit-breakers who attempts to stop panic-trading, have been triggered four times alone in March.
In only a couple of days, the infection went from a significant issue in China to a worldwide health crisis affecting around 200 nations. As the coronavirus continues, there is a cascading effect, which runs through commodity markets, interrupting commodity trading across the globe.
Highlights of Coronavirus Impact on Commodity Market
• Oil costs dropped to 3-month lows in light of the extending spread of the infection in China, the world’s top oil merchant.
• OPEC may expand current oil yield cuts until at least June and consider further cuts if oil demand is seriously hit.
• Flights all through China were dropped for this present week, discouraging airplane fuel costs and production costs in Asia and harming purifiers and fuel exporters.
• Palm oil costs drooped as dealers responded to China shutting workplaces, shopping centers, and processing plants. China is the second-biggest palm shipper on the planet.
• Base metals drooped as every Aluminum Profiles Manufacturer reported expanded plant shutdowns.
• Grain markets slid sharply.
Insight to Commodity Market
Commodity markets are unstable, and extraordinary climate, quick-spreading infections, geopolitics, and trade wars can significantly swing markets in only a couple of hours. Products trading organizations can’t bear to hold up days or weeks to investigate moving markets. They have to dissect the circumstance now so they can make an arrangement to gain by circumstances, limit losses, or mitigate risks.
That’s companies are going towards Cloud Platform, for delivering real-time access to all the market data, weather reports, market feeds, inventory positions, etc. This will help marketers run analyses at any time and from any place – via laptops, tablets or phones.

Business Outlook does not look good
Across the globe, nations are practically locking down with the expectation that extreme limitations on development and business movement inside their outskirts will slow the spread of the illness. The monetary effect of these measures has just driven a few business analysts to foresee an emergency to follow that could equal the great recession of 2008 or more terrible perhaps.
Wrap Up
If your contacts with China are in danger, you can rapidly assess offering to different markets and decide whether you ought to reallocate your items or hold up until costs recoup. Approaching the information presently, joined with the capacity to break down that information rapidly and viably, empowers you to move quickly. Consequently, you can settle on the most ideal decisions for your business.

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